I am mom to 5 children ranging in age from 34 to 16~ I have nine grandchildren. I have home schooled since the early 1980’s. I garden, weave baskets, make lye soap, creams, tinctures etc for my family. Jus Wing it comes from my garden~because try as I might, some years it jus does not grow. One year I was not going to be home to tend my garden, so before I left, I planted the seeds, kinda throwing them wherever it looked good. When I returned a couple month’s later~I had the best garden ever! Thus the Jus Wing it~ email is cahowclan4@gmail.com.


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Wood Stove Bouquet

For all you wood stove keepers, here is the perfect gift~

Pro-Woods, Wood Stove Bouquet  Featured image

also known as fire starter for those of you confused about the bouquet part.

Found in a wood near you, unless you live on the prairie or in the big city.

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