Let’s Make Vinegar

Waste Not~ I first made apple cider vinegar about 18 years ago when I read you could do so in my Little House On The Prairie Cookbook. http://www.christianbook.com/the-little-house-cookbook/barbarawalker/9780064460903/pd/60908 

I make apple cider vinegar when I have lots of apple cores & peelings, which is what this particular recipe calls for you to do.  I needed to deal with a couple bushels of apples that were being ignored & were getting mealy. Here is the result of lots of apples~

We made applesauce, apple juice, fruit leather, dried apple rings & vinegar. The process for the vinegar will take much longer than the other mentioned products, but was begun at the same time as the other’s were being made. The main goal here is, do not waste any of the fruit. Which I show you here as we literally used every bit of the apple. Nothing was wasted. 
All of these projects were done mostly in one day, but for the completion of the vinegar. We started about the one o’clock hour. Wrapping & storing were done on the second day.
First up we (my daughter & I) made dried apple rings. Core the apple, then slice thin and place on cookie sheet or trays that can be dried at temperatures of 150 degrees, and no higher or you end up with cooked apples. I used my wood cook stove with the oven door open and on top of the warming shelf and in my solar  hanging food dryer made by The PANtrie for the perfect temperature to dry.  Of course this is done in the fall or winter when apples are naturally ripe & temps outside allow for the stove to be lit also warming the house. An electric dryer works too for those who do not have the wood stove option. You can use an electric or gas oven during the day time with the same 150 degree temperature. Over night in the electric dehydrator too.This process took all day & into the next morning & will depend on how thick you cut your apple rings.


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Next, we made apple juice. I have a champion juicer. http://www.championjuicer.com/ which is a heavy duty brand so not easy to move around. But, it has lasted these 16 years with no break downs & has so many uses. The juicer takes the juice then sends the excess out through the end and is what I made the fruit leather from. This is what I meant by waste not.

To make the fruit leather, simply spread the apple paste onto wax or parchment paper lined cookie sheets & place in a warm place to dry. This was done the same day as the apple rings on the wood stove warming shelf & in the oven with door open. Part way through the drying, slice the paste to make it easy to pull off & wrap. It took overnight for this to dry. If you make it too thick, it will take longer. Next day, when all is dry, use plastic wrap to roll up the leather for storage. Then enjoy the healthy, sweet, treat.
Next came the apple sauce. I took the core & peel off the apple(save all this).  Ran it through the juicer without the attachments so it would come out masticated and into my pan for heating, juice & all. I place my clean jars into the open oven of my cook stove to sterilize & heat my jars readying them for the hot applesauce. Place heated through applesauce into jar, seal & place upside down on a counter, covering with a towel to prevent breakage from cool draft. Then in the morning, store away in a cool, dark closet.
Finally~ Take the apple peels, seeds & cores & place in a crock or a jar that can be kept dark. Using the recipe from The Little House On the Prairie Cookbook, add boiled rain or spring water with honey dissolved in the water. Pour over the cores & peels & leave undisturbed for one month. When the bubbling has stopped, leave for at least another month or longer to obtain the right acidity for the apple cider vinegar. Bottle & use however you like ACV. 

One thought on “Let’s Make Vinegar

  1. You will also need to be careful with citrus fruit because they have a lot of citric acid in them.
    These fruits cannot be juiced in the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro.
    You might think that taking the time to juice your own fruit
    is time consuming and wasteful.

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