what is Cassia? or Amalaki? Color your hair safely

Amla, Emblica officinalis, also known as the Indian Gooseberry

Amla powder is from the dried and ground fruit of the Indian Gooseberry tree, Emblica Officinalis. Amla contains natural tannins, vitamin C, ascorbic acid, and acts as a natural astringent. Amla has been used for tanning and dying hides as well as a cosmetic and folk remedy. Amla grows in central and southern India, Burma, and Ceylon.

I get mine here ~ http://www.bulkherbstore.com/Indian-Gooseberry-Powder

 Here is what wikipedia has to say about it ~



I turned gray too early. My younger children were often mistaken for my grandchildren. I had to do something. I did go the gray route, but did not like how it paled me. I looked unhealthy. So I wanted something safe & natural. No skunk stripe. Cassia promised to be the answer. I use it & love the golden color of my hair..it is soft as it also conditions & no more gray. It has taken my hair in the back of my head & brought back the true brown color & the gray is now blonde/golden. All mixing very nicely & not unnatural looking. I will never go back to the gray unless I cannot get hold of the product. Its a safe way to treat & color your hair. I get mine here

I have a new site where I am going to continue getting my cassia. It turned out amazing. see picture below. You have several choices in color. This brand was far superior to all that I have tried so far. The cheapest for the amount. a whole pound for $6.50. I am part of a coop where we get enough orders for free shipping so it may be a little more than this. The color was wonderful comparing to the other brands. More grainy & left residue that keeps falling out, but I will deal with the trade off for a cheaper & better outcome.


at this site they say 100 grams colors/conditions short gray hair. I use the 100 grams in four uses. So I stretched it out & it works to divide it up in smaller amounts.



5 thoughts on “what is Cassia? or Amalaki? Color your hair safely

  1. Oh it looks wonderful and I am very interested. I WAS a natural reddish brown…browner red in the winter and by the end of the summer the sun would turn it more redder brown / auburn. I had a mix of strawberry to blonde (Natural from the sun) streaks where the sun struck the most…the front pieces near the face and the ends…and browner rd towards the back. People would ask who did my highlights.

    When I started to go gray I noticed suddenly what wasn’t gray was going browner and definitely more ash. Ash is fine if that goes with your skin tone. But suddenly I had ashy brown and grey roots with redder locks.I tried the all natural henna route several times. Henna is wonderful and it turned the browner newly ashier hair redder and I was grateful to lose the dead brown shade but the grey was completely orange and garish. Through the years I tried different henna brands, different mixes, different dilutions of henna, henna with amla (disliked the drabbing browned red I got) and finally henna mixed with conditioner glosses..at best the greys were colored a pale to golden blonde almost like what you’ve got there but as you went down the strand…the older drier hair was orange so…paler roots and redder strands. 😛

    I am so tired of trying Not to end up with what looks like a botched dye job. I would love my hair in the back to be brought back to a more golden brown (the back is less grey than the front) & the large amount of gray in the front to be a golden blonde as well.

    Actually I tried cassia once many years ago to help with the health of my hair. I was not grey at all then, but had lot’s of those high lights I mentioned. The cassia darkened my ends then as they were so blond that I was not happy with it. But I would welcome those results now…a blonding of my grey!

    Are you still using the same supplier? Can you please, eaborate your mix (cassia with water, cassia with lemon and water eg)?

    Thank you so much for posting this.


    • I recently added nettle herb to my blonde henna mix with my spring water and it gave me a nice color. Less brighter blonde and more soft toned on my gray hair. Other than that, I do not add anything to my henna mix from the package it comes in.

  2. OMG I lost sight of this blog! It’s me Tess…much more gray, with red ends gray roots by now. Your last post you posted a link to where you get your henna product. I am a bit confused….this article was all about cassia. Are you using henna now…cassia and henna? I do not understand! Blonde henna is not really henna is it actually cassia blends they are selling?

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