Making Black Walnut Tincture(green)

Today we finally received some much needed rain & before I tell you how to make Black Walnut Tincture, I have a funny story that happened to me & my almost 16 year old son Grant today.

My Child, How badly do you want those Black Walnuts?…Grant & I headed out to our artesian well to fill our jugs with water. We knew the potential for rain was high..we need it desperately. So very dry here. We are at our place of destination hearing thunder in the background. Having searched to find a black walnut tree with walnuts, we scored there at the well. To my disappointment they were not yet dropping to the ground & so high up in the tree we were not able to reach them. Humpf..another day when they have fallen I can come gather them…well, its our turn to fill our jugs & its sprinkling..the tree above is keeping much of the rain off of us, but the umbrella works even better…waiting for each jug to fill it starts to really come down, lots more lightening, half the jugs are full now & the wind kicks up like a tornado is coming, rain is so forceful we see a flash flood beginning, trying to get out of the way of falling branches, we head to the car, being blown back by heavy wind…mind you we are still mostly dry due to the now broken umbrella. I thought for a moment as we are nearing the car that we would have to hit the ground for safety..Grant unlocks the car with the remote..what would we do without remotes!..the umbrella is completely broke & useless so I drop the thing, we have to climb thru the fence to get into the car. Ahh the “safety” of the car. My immediate thought is ~should we stay in here?…we were soaked thru just getting from the short spot at the fence, a mere 4ft. to the car where the umbrella gave out! Fifteen minutes later the storm leaves but some rain is still falling. It won’t matter if we get out now since we are already so wet. We head back to the well where our jugs still sit, blown over, & to our joy & giggling, God dropped those walnuts out of that tree..I got 20 of them! We were laughing & amazed at God’s humor…we were not totally scared during all this, but amused that this is how God got me the needed walnuts..! hah! still chuckling at it all.

Black Walnut Hull Tincture is actually made using green walnuts from the Black walnut tree. Which if you have some get them quick. You will not be able to make the tincture once they turn brown. Oh, they stain whatever they touch. Do not use your white shirt to gather them in..have a bag handy for this retrieval.

I have had lots of little bits of wisdom God has put into my head about these nuts. First, the meat in the nut are silly stupid hard to remove from their hulls. People put them in their drive ways & run them over to crack the outer shell, only to have to pick all that up & then find a way to break open the next layer to get to the nut in hopes of not totally destroying the edible part in the process. I don’t even try anymore. As I was contemplating all this just a week ago it dawned on me that the only true use of this nut is its healing properties of the green hull. The bark & leaves have wonderful uses as well, but today I will only explain about the green hull.

The Green hulls are gathered at the right time when they are falling off the trees in late summer. God made it that way to keep many of us from killing ourselves prematurely trying to figure out how to safely climb the tall trees to obtain the nuts. They are ripe & usable when they have just fallen to the ground so gather them quick. Take a few or a lot(20) and wash them in cold water, gently. Drain the water. Place the green nuts into a ceramic or glass container. A quart sized jar, or a gallon sized jar or a ceramic lemonade container is what I have used this time. Put the nuts into the jar, add to the container a quarter the way with boiling water. Now, if you are using a glass jar, heat your jar previous & while still warm, pour slowly into the jar the boiling water. So you do not crack the glass. No matter the size of your container, fill it a quarter of the way with this boiling water.

Next, you will pour over the nuts with the boiling water, some vodka.
Completely covering the nuts. Using Everclear, which is grain alcohol at 190 proof is the best to use. I pay $17.00 for a quart. So, don’t get too eager to pick all your green walnuts if you do not have enough everclear to cover the nuts. Make sure to get enough if you are planning to share your tincture. Otherwise hoard it for yourself. ┬áCover with plastic wrap or the lid that belongs to your container.

After three days..yes, only three days later, strain off the tincture, bottle it in dark bottles if you have them, if not, pour into a glass jar & wrap a towel or an old sock around the jar & store in a dark cabinet or closet. Begin immediately to take tincture to rid your body of parasites. To get the directions, you will need to get the book from your library or order one for your self. I cannot advise you on such as each one will be different according to your condition. The Cure for All Disease or The Cure for All Cancers, by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D, N.D.

strained, filled bottles

Why am I doing this tincture you ask? To kill parasites! You may think you do not have those creepy things in you, but if you are alive & breathing, you have parasites. If you have pets, you have parasites. If you, like me, eat meat, you have parasites. It’s just part of the life on this earth. Parasites cause disease, illnesses as simple as a cold or the flu! To cancer & arthritis! Surprised? don’t believe it? All medical doctors were taught to know the parasites in their training to see just what these critters are capable of doing to the human or animal body. Yet, they prescribe drugs to kill just one or two parasites as in the case of cancer, allowing the myriad others survival.

Hulda Clark, scientist & N.D. (doctor of Naturopath)who studied parasites & their harm until her death in 2009 of complications to her spine from a car accident. Dr. Clark had a heart for healing the ills of our bodies. She was not selling anything, and offers to all her recipes for the healing herbs for parasites & how to make the zapper she recommends for killing other parasites. There are at least 100 parasites she studied & not one can survive Black Walnut tincture. Search her books which I recommend to you because there is a lot in there for you to learn that I cannot possibly fit here. I can tell you in her research she found three herbs were all that were needed to kill these harmful parasites & keep them from taking over our bodies. Black Walnut tincture, Wormwood Tincture/capsules & Clove capsules. She eventually believed that if only the Black Walnut were all you took, you could rid your body of disease & illness.

I know it sounds simplistic. But shouldn’t it be? Get started on the tincture, start taking it & see if you don’t begin to feel amazing! It can take a week, or a month..but you will start noticing a big difference in how you feel. Go and be well friends.

making walnut stain

Discard the nuts. Or, put into a bucket add a lot of water to cover the nuts & leave to rot for a year to get black walnut stain! Ours will be ready in the early summer next year which we plan to stain our front room wood floors with.