What to do with Sweet Potato Slips

Ok, you planted your sweet potatoes in the ground as I explained in the March 2011 post. Its now early summer or for my area late May/June and the leaves for the slips have come up out of the ground. If they have not, be patient, wait.

step one~ slips from March planting having sprouted

Step two~dig the potatoes with slips in large circle around leaves keeping all together

Dig, (as you see in second photo), the potatoes from out of the ground being careful to keep all the slips/leaves attached to the potato. Carefully remove the slips at the potato with roots & any bit of potato that comes with it..(see photo 5)not necessary for production if you don’t have potato still attached.  Have a trench dug about 4 or 5 inches deep and place individual slips in the trench(photo 6). Cover with dirt, water & wait till fall. I will post the final process then. Which will include getting dirty, digging & pure excited squeals as you find your treasure of sweet potatoes~

Step three~potato after digging with slips still attached

Step four~lots of root still attached to potato

Step five~removing slips from main potato

Step six~ trench & slips

Step seven~slips being put into dug trench

Step eight sweet potatoes growing from slips after separation.

Go ahead & plant the left over potato which the slips were taken from. Sometimes it takes off & grows more slips thus more potatoes. Don’t dig it up though, leave it to grow as it is.

Step nine, used potato minus the slips~even small potatoes produce well

In the meantime, as leaves grow, you can eat them as you would spinach/cooked or raw. Be careful not to pull all the leaves or you  won’t have sweet potatoes! The leaves grab the sunshine allowing potatoes to grow. Kind of like biting the hand that feeds you…resist~


2 thoughts on “What to do with Sweet Potato Slips

  1. Now I know why the whole sweet taters we planted last year just basically re-grew themselves! We didn’t do it right! Also, just talked today to a long-time farmer who told me he got sick of paying high grain prices to feed his laying hens, so for the past two years he just cooks til soft a bunch of sweet taters and feeds those to his hens. Said he gets the same amount of eggs he got when feeding them layer pellets! Makes me want to grow a ton of sweet potatoes! What do you think?

    • Nancy, so glad you were able to see what to do next time. I learned how to make my slips from an old farmer as well. I too often would miss getting slips at the store as they would all be bought up before I could get any! Then not have any to plant. Then this farmer told me how he does it! I am richer for it. Too bad its not common information for everyone to learn.
      Well, hmmm that’s a lot of potatoes to grow. But I can see how it would be a big savings since we only buy organic, no soy, no gmo feed for our chickens. They do roam our property & get plenty of other stuff, but the cost of feed is a big issue too. The nutrition of sweet potatoes is amazing! I think I will post that with the sweet potatoes come harvest time…November~

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