>Liver Jerky

>I was not raised eating beef liver or any other kind of liver. It is most definitely an acquired taste. I don’t have it~

I know how amazingly nutritious beef liver is for the body. From healthy, grass fed cows, (know your local farmer).

I have found the only way we can get liver into our diet, besides adding it to sausage, wherein I mix all the organ meat in with regular meat, mixing beef & pork, is to make it into jerky.

I do this with the heart as well.

First I marinate the sliced liver in whatever I find looks good at the moment…standard flavors are garlic & vinegar. But there is no limit here to what is good. Just go over board with the seasonings. I soak sometimes a week. In the refrigerator. Covered well. Tamari sauce is great too. I use garlic powder so it soaks in better. I alternate between apple cider vinegar & balsamic vinegar. Lots of salt (we use real salt at present). Due to the fact we struggle to eat liver, the spices & flavorings help to get it down.

Slice very carefully as thin as possible into strips before drying strips.

Next, I dry the liver. I have an electric dryer I use in the summer. Takes about a day & a half. Longer for the heart if it has fat on it. I rotate the trays to keep them drying evenly.

When the wood stove is heating our house, I use that to dry the liver.

This method is the cheapest way to go since I already have the heat going to warm the house. It takes about the same time as I have to leave the door open or it would burn to dust otherwise…

We use this jerky after an illness to gain needed nutrition. I nibble when I know I need the boost. The dogs love it for a treat too. It is how we train the dogs to do what we need them to do.

Happy Trails with your liver jerky~


3 thoughts on “>Liver Jerky

  1. Very curious about your cookstove… Makes my Elmira Oval look fragile! Did you or someone you know make it? I do have a locally made outdoor water heating stove/boiler, but I’ve never seen a homemade cookstove.

    Now if I could just find some worthy liver… All the liver jerky I find ready-made on the web is intended for pets. But then I used to eat the Co-Op red meat tuna which was packed as cat food. They assured us it was packed to the same standards as human tuna. So maybe…

  2. Thank you for the succinct instructions. One dog, 2 humans, and a beef liver and heart in the freezer. Will make a batch with no garlic for the pup, plan to use the beef heart with the liver for another, and your liver recipe food the humans. Thank you for sharing this, looks amazing!

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