>Beet Kvass~ What’s that!

>What is Beet Kvass? here is the visual 

Beet Kvass is great for digestion. Page 610 from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon has in the side bar regarding lacto-fermented foods, sick people always lack digestive juices, not only during the acute phase of their illness but also for a longtime after. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and contain enzymes, of particular value are lacto-fermented beets which have a very favorable effect on disturbed cellular function. Scientific reports show beets have a regenerating effect on the body.

So, I make it & drink it…here you see in the glass beet kvass with ground flax seed. Used to keep one regulated.
To make Beet Kvass~ take 2 to 3 fresh organic beets, peeled & coarsely chopped, 1/4 cup whey, 1 TBSP sea salt, & filtered water.
Place beets, whey & salt in 2 quart jar, fill with water & stir, cover with tight lid. Keep at room temp for 2 days before transferring to refrigerator. 
Drink glass full at a time. When the jar is empty, you can add more water (fill to the top again), leave out again for two days & return to cold storage..this will not be as strong as the first batch, but still effective. Just this one refill as the kvass will not be beneficial beyond two batches. Begin a new batch after this second fill.  ***A note to this tells you not to grate the beets as they exude too much juice resulting in too much fermentation that favors the production of alcohol rather than lactic acid.***

Beet Kvass can be added to soups for great nutritional value & flavor. I love the color of this Kvass. 
So vibrant~ to your health


>You Can Make Mustard? !

>To make your own mustard is a three day process. It is easy & so healthful and requires few ingredients.

Begin by grinding mustard seed, brown or yellow. I used my mortar & pestle to grind my seed. a blender would work, or buy it already ground. It is not as fresh & probably lost much of its properties, but if you have no choice its what will work.

A little history first.
Mustard during the Yellow Fever (cholera) epidemics was worth its weight in gold (literally)due to its healing properties. It was used as a plaster for chest ailments or feet soaked for drawing out the common cold. Black Mustard is used as an irritant to encourage blood flow to areas which are congested.
Do your research before using..mustard cannot be placed directly on the skin, it will burn.
If you suspected your food was poisoned, you ate mustard to combat the effects. Cramping, was a sure sign & mustard is an emetic in large dose.

Mustard is a digesting aide. Ham, Swiss & mustard~mmmm …the mustard digests the fats of the ham.
This recipe is heralded from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Page 104

Grind 1 1/2 cups mustard seed
grind your garlic to mush with a little water
Mix 1/2 cup water(more for the correct consistency), 2 TBSP whey, 2 tsp sea salt, juice of one lemon. Combine all together. Place in a pint sized jar with a tight lid and keep at room temp for three days. Then put in the fridge.
The whey will allow the mustard to last a long time. It acts as a preservative & the nutritional benefits far out”weigh” the preserving aspect.