>sweet potato planting time

>Its time to plant sweet potatoes.
Yes I know it is only March. But, this is the time you plant a whole sweet potato in a small space to allow it to sprout.
Then come May, dig up those sweet potatoes you planted & carefully remove the sprout from the base tuber & plant those individually in a place the potatoes can sprout, crawl & grow you more sweet potatoes..

The leaves are edible too…throughout the growing season, pick some…leave some..steam, fry or saute & enjoy…then come fall…before the first serious cold, dig them up, leave them in the air to dry for a few hours…then store for at least two weeks to allow them to cure..you cannot eat a sweet potato straight from the harvesting day…it must cure first..

So count the days ..for me its at least 2 weeks before Thanksgiving…that is how you can track the harvest time for your area…unless you get hard freezes before then, plan…
My daughter with the big & small of last years crop~

Happy Planting..


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