>Very Berry Tincture

>Okay, I make tinctures! because I use them~they are healthful for all & a great way to get in vitamins & minerals & general healing properties from the plants/herbs God in Christ has created for our use. It is so very simple to make & use these tinctures. You can learn via Making Herbs Simple Vol 1, from Bulk Herb Store. 

Shoshanna makes it easy to do by showing how she does it.  I can also answer detailed questions you may have on ‘how to’ just in case you do not get how it’s done.

It’s great information you will want to know..the entertainment is a plus too. Debi Pearl & daughter Shoshanna Pearl Easling are a hoot together. Lots of funny stuff & information for use. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hg1LDatpLE&feature=player_embedded

I completed my Very Berry Tincture & had my first dose last night. It’s certainly not a “drink” but a true tincture. Powerful stuff. The Elderberries are great for immune boosting which is imperative this time of year when flu is abundant. Bilberries are for the eyes & anti-aging. Red Raspberry is for swollen or inflamed tissue. So all around its a great boost to your system. If you go here you can order the berries & herbs for this tincture already mixed~ http://www.bulkherbstore.com/Very-Berry-Tincture

I tend to buy in bulk, so I order each individual herb or berry in larger quantities so I have plenty for other tinctures, salves, or tea. 

I used vodka for my tincture medium. Here is the end result.   

Shoshanna & her mom & friends show you right there on the spot in the DVD how you can use herbs in the MOST simple way to take care of bee stings, ACNE, swelling if you’re pregnant & so much more.  They also talk about how to identify herbs in your back yard that you may have thought were weeds this whole time.


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