>Making Cracklings

>We were able to spend last weekend cutting up our own pork. The farmer was busy thus allowing our family of 4 the blessing of using his saws, knives & stainless steel tables to cut up our meat.

We learned a lot doing it this way, rather than the farmer doing it for us…
I learned a new way to render lard & make cracklings at the same time. Here is the ‘jus’ of it.
I learned this method  from a man, who I am sorry I did not save his blog, cause he lives in Montana in deep, deep snow with some great ideas besides cracklings..& cannot give him the credit, Oh BOY..I found him..googled paper bag & cracklings..here he is..http://www.flickr.com/photos/starmeadows/
Anyway, I took the paper bag, put the lard inside, closed it tight by crumpling the bag, placed it into my roasting pan, put it in my wood stove oven leaving the door open so it would not burn. I wanted a slow, low heat cook…
Here is the end result…I did not have to strain the lard. I poured the lard into the jar, salted the cracklings & wala..so delicious & easy…

I read at one site to leave the cracklings on the shelf, not in the fridge. So I am experimenting doing so. If it goes bad, I will let you know.

found mushroom, anyone know what it is? is it edible?


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