>Salvaging my first burned roast~

>I did it..the first time in 33 years of cooking I had burnt a roast~ this does not mean I have not burned anything before..hah~ I could write a book of those items, but I did it big with this chunk of meat that was to be our supper.

I cook in a wood stove, & my confidence was not lacking with this meal, an hour before when I checked the roast, it was looking great..I cannot tell for sure what happened but I do suspect the heat got really high due to inexperienced wood loading~so you know it was not me loading the wood in…

I had to do something to salvage our meal. Here is what I came up with…now mind you, few would have sat to eat this meal, but you do what you have to in times like these. Fast food we do not do, & going to town is not an option due to our distance from it.

First thing I scraped as much of the burn off. Rinsing well several times. Then I put the entire roast into a dutch oven, covering it with water. I boiled it for an hour in hopes of adding back moisture & removing burned flavor. It worked well. DO NOT use or save this boiled broth! It is useless~to the driveway it went.

Here I separated the moist, edible meat. The chickens loved the other parts of this roast mind you. So there 
was little “wasted” meat. Other than the “broth” it all had a use. 
I then added to the shredded beef a small amount(2/3 cup) of homemade salsa (which contained some great jalapeno spice), a jar of homemade crab apple relish, & a jar of homemade tomato coulis(a friend & I made from her garden of tomatoes). This tomato coulis is highly recommended to you from the book
 “Preserving Without Canning or Freezing” by Chelsea Green 
Here is the finished roast~ accompanied with the mix we had fried apples & onions~ Bread with butter& lactic fermented Beets( found in the Preserving book above)~

All in all it was a filling meal. I will be more careful the next time, but I learned to make do & hope if you ever need an idea of ‘what to do now?’…you’ll find in this a helpful idea~

God in Christ is the reason I live…He is Who we celebrate this & every year. May His presence fill your life with the Joy He has for you. Judith


2 thoughts on “>Salvaging my first burned roast~

  1. >I think you greatly improved on the roast! Sounds yummy!Thanks for visiting my blog and getting some ideas on Christmas wreaths. Merry Christmas, sweetie, and welcome to bloggy world!

  2. Thank you so much for this! I just burned the hell out of a lovely St. patty’s day corned beef and did something similar but then went online and saw this, so I knew I was moving in the right direction. I caught it after playing in the yard with kiddo too long and it probably burned in it own smoke for 30 minutes, I was able to cut off the bottom burns and smoked edges. Tossed meat into water and boiled for only 8 minute and then again into some beef broth and tossed out both broths and started with a 3rd broth boil with cabbage and cannot even tell. Phew!

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