>Salvaging my first burned roast~

>I did it..the first time in 33 years of cooking I had burnt a roast~ this does not mean I have not burned anything before..hah~ I could write a book of those items, but I did it big with this chunk of meat that was to be our supper.

I cook in a wood stove, & my confidence was not lacking with this meal, an hour before when I checked the roast, it was looking great..I cannot tell for sure what happened but I do suspect the heat got really high due to inexperienced wood loading~so you know it was not me loading the wood in…

I had to do something to salvage our meal. Here is what I came up with…now mind you, few would have sat to eat this meal, but you do what you have to in times like these. Fast food we do not do, & going to town is not an option due to our distance from it.

First thing I scraped as much of the burn off. Rinsing well several times. Then I put the entire roast into a dutch oven, covering it with water. I boiled it for an hour in hopes of adding back moisture & removing burned flavor. It worked well. DO NOT use or save this boiled broth! It is useless~to the driveway it went.

Here I separated the moist, edible meat. The chickens loved the other parts of this roast mind you. So there 
was little “wasted” meat. Other than the “broth” it all had a use. 
I then added to the shredded beef a small amount(2/3 cup) of homemade salsa (which contained some great jalapeno spice), a jar of homemade crab apple relish, & a jar of homemade tomato coulis(a friend & I made from her garden of tomatoes). This tomato coulis is highly recommended to you from the book
 “Preserving Without Canning or Freezing” by Chelsea Green 
Here is the finished roast~ accompanied with the mix we had fried apples & onions~ Bread with butter& lactic fermented Beets( found in the Preserving book above)~

All in all it was a filling meal. I will be more careful the next time, but I learned to make do & hope if you ever need an idea of ‘what to do now?’…you’ll find in this a helpful idea~

God in Christ is the reason I live…He is Who we celebrate this & every year. May His presence fill your life with the Joy He has for you. Judith